Love. Romance. Affection. Attraction. Bond.
Holistic Bear | Relationship Accessories For Couples

These are all words which intrigued us since the beginning of time. The human race was created to spread love & care to others. In a world with over 7,000,000,000 people, we choose to have only 1 person by our side for eternity.

Holistic Bear believes in the art of giving. Whether it be to your beautiful lover or to an amazing family member/friend, the process of giving only helps create strong relationships.

Who would know better about the happiness the art of giving provides than the owner himself? Kanase, the founder of Holistic Bear, was entirely lost in the pathway of life amongst the 7,000,000,000 humans for a large portion of his life. He had absolutely no one to call his "lover" and was largely foreign to the concept of love. After years and years of searching, a special person finally entered his life, causing it to change forever.

She taught him how to love, how to be positive, how to live. After building a strong and successful relationship, Kanase decided it was time to help other couples who may have gone through rough paths improve their relationships and create strong, everlasting bonds.

Keeping this in mind, Holistic Bear was created. 

Holistic Bear | Relationship Accessories For Lovers
(The story of our love life can be compiled in a book)

Showering that special someone is not only about giving a commodity to them, but rather about creating a symbol of your true love and strong bonding. After many years of life, we came to realize just how important it is to express to our loved ones how much they mean to us, especially in such a time period where phones and electronics hold more importance than relationships.

So relax, sit back, and let us take your hand while we help you get to your lover's heart! After all, Holistic Bear was created to help two beautiful love birds embellish their story of love.

Lets spread love.

Founder of Holistic Bear Inc.