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It feels awful when your partner is ignoring you. Especially when you try to reach out with a text or a call and they don’t respond in an hour or days. Of course, that is a sign he/she is flat out ignoring you. It hurts!

You wait a little while to check on them again just to be sure they are okay and try to ignore your inner voice stopping you.  You convince yourself that they are held up or something came up. Then you wait for days without any response. So what could be the reason for their sudden silence?

He/ She is upset

You see how sometimes you are upset and walk away to avoid confrontation, maybe avoid saying hurtful things you would regret later. That could be the case with your partner. This is especially possible after a fight. So if he/she is ignoring you after an argument then give them some time to calm down first. People process situations differently, they will come around eventually. You can decide to send a bouquet of flowers, Lovers Rose Bears with a note, or a gift card and express your feelings.

He/ she needs space

He/ she might be going through some hard times and don’t know how to talk about it. Ignoring you is not exactly the best way to deal with it and should be upfront with you. But if this is the case, stop pestering them and let him/her come to you. Yes, I know you want to be there in their time of need but pestering them won’t help. Instead, you’ll be driving him/her away.

You’re nagging

Your partner might be feeling overwhelmed by your constant nagging. You probably don’t want to hear it but it nagging is not attractive. Stop your whining and start giving back. Your partner is human and wants to also be appreciated. You can start by reciprocating and stop complaining. No one likes to be with a complainer. It’s draining and maybe your partner is sick of it. Re-evaluate yourself start being of value in their life. 

Losing interest

Remember the first few weeks how exciting it was, calls and random cute texts, I know that is what you’re missing. Unfortunately, there is a possibility your partner is losing interest in you. Sorry, it’s not something you want to hear but consider it a possibility. They might be considering a breakup and don’t have the guts to tell it to your face. Hence he/she decides to ghost you. It’s not the best way to do it but apparently, people nowadays are doing it.


Before you start being paranoid, please get your facts right, if it's just a missed call or unanswered text there can be a reason for that. But if the trend is consistent and when he/she responds is plain or seems distracted, something can be up. Has he/ she been hanging out with random people of the opposite sex? Has your partner changed their passwords? Do you see them online but not responding to your messages? I don’t want to be the carrier of bad news but you my friend need to get some answers.


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