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Let’s agree that men are the hardest people to give gifts. Men can be notoriously difficult to shop for — unless their hobbies happen to align with yours, it's easy to feel clueless as to what they'd actually be excited to get.

You just never know what they want. Whenever you think this is it, you here another pair of socks? Of course that’s what you settled for. After all, you needed more things to buy since there is always something on discount. So why is it always so hard to buy our beloved men gifts?

Because they never talk about what they really want! However, a lot of men like something that is practical and has a long life-time I suppose? Either buying a scent or piece of clothing they'd normally go with as well is a hit. Secondly, if you buy a gift you probably got to know the person well so you can just buy something that relates to their hobbies.

Here are a few pointers that can point you to the right direction, especially if he’s got a good sense of humor.

Does he work with his hands?
Does he have a beard?

Does he love reading?
Does he – or maybe desperately needs to – manscape?
Does he use product in his hair?
Does he – on occasion – sometimes need to wash?
Does he like video games?


Now, the following top 7 gifts for men who are hard to buy for are a little generic, but since every guy is different, hopefully they'll work as a jumping off point.

Sports tickets

If the guy you're buying for likes sports, try to get him tickets to a game. Hockey, football, baseball, and basketball: whatever he likes, try to get him great seats. And hey, go with him if you want to – or give him a chance to hang out with some of his buddies.

Handy tools

Every guy needs tools, right? If you live with him, you know best what he needs. Think of something you need fixed around the house and get them for him. Win/win situation: he has shiny new toys; you get that loose cabinet fixed!

Video games

Find out if he loves video games. Now, you have to know exactly what the guy has already, and it helps to know what he wants and what kinds of games he likes to play.

Hair and body products

Even if a guy has a beard, he still needs to shave. Getting him a shaving kit, a new electric razor, or anything like that will at least be practical. And guys seem to like practical things, don't they?

If not get him showering and other body products. He will feel like a spoiled king and will be smelling fresh all day.

Customized T-shirt or hoodies

He might have many t-shirts or hoodies but personalized ones are a nice touch. Add some words that show him that you appreciate him and what he means to you. It will soon become his all time favorite in his closet!


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