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Everyone loves to buy someone they enjoy a great gift, but sometimes this can be difficult, especially if the person is one of those “Has Everything” types.  Getting that perfect gift is frustrating at times, but we are here to help. 

So what are the top 5 things you can give to that special someone?

  1. Crown Stacked Bracelet - Bracelets have become extremely trendy over the past few years especially those made with stone and can be stacked with different colors to match an outfit. Whether they are made for a friend or given as a gift for a person you love, these bracelets are an inexpensive way to show someone you care. 
Crown Stacked Bracelets | Holistic Bear

         The Crown Stacked Bracelet is a prime example of a great bracelet combo               that is stackable, and we promise she doesn’t already have these.
  1. Couples Hoodies – Now what is better than giving a gift to someone you love? Giving yourself a gift at the same time!  The couple’s hoodies are unique and show different expressions of love on them like the “King and Queen Hoodie” or the “Beauty and Beast Hoodie.”  These would be a great gift to give for a cold winter’s night out with your special person.  
  2. Personalized Signature Style Name Necklace – These necklaces are also trendy right now. Your partner will love it when you show them you care by purchasing a necklace that has their name in script lettering.  Want to make a splash.  Then how about buying that special someone one of these custom necklaces and put a word in the script that reminds that person of you.  The options are endless with the personalized signature style name necklace.  

Personalized Signature Name Necklace


  1. Heart Necklace – Now this beauty is designed to give each of you a piece of jewelry that binds you together. Each of you has half of the heart, and when it is combined, it is a full heart with a key in the middle.  This heart is sure to make your love smile and at the same time show everyone around you how much you both mean to each other.
  2. King and Queen Promise Ring (Limited Edition) – This token of love will show that you are serious about this relationship and that you are bound together. These rings are gorgeous and are also a limited-edition item.

Relationships are amazing and finding the perfect gift for the person you love is always an exciting part of growing your love together.  To have a unique gift ready when you go out on a special date will make your lover feel so important to you. 

Next time you are shopping around trying for ideas for a unique gift for that special someone remember these top 5 things or go online and visit www.hoisticbear.com.  These are one of a kind gifts that are sure to impress.


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