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Top 10 Most Romantic Songs by Holistic Bear

Couples who succeed in a loving relationship are the ones that continuously adapt to the ever-changing way to bring out the romantic side of themselves.  One thing that has always stayed consistent in romance and relationships is the way a person feels when they hear a certain song

The song could remind them of a previous date, a time when their loved one made them feel special, when they received a special couples bracelet,  the dance at their wedding, or just simply a song that they love to sing along with their partner.  Music naturally brings people together but in relationships, it can be a constant reminder of exciting times. 

Let's explore the top 10 most romantic songs.  There are hundreds of songs that are written as love songs but 10 of these songs stand out as being songs that no matter what generation you fall into, these songs will surely be in your playlist and utilized by you and your loving partner throughout life. 

  1. Whitney Houston's - "I will always love you" is probably one of the most recognized and romantic songs written.  Whitney had a special voice that was loved by people all over the world and this particular song was at the top of the charts for a long time and has been played at weddings for decades.
  2. Celine Dion's - "Because you loved me" was not written by her personally but her voice made this song a Grammy winner when it was the hit song of the movie "Up Close and Personal".
  3. Olivia Newton John's - " I love you, I honestly love you" was very popular in the 1970s which was the decade of sharing the love and building long-lasting relationships. 
  4. Elvis Presley's - "Can't help falling in love with you" is a classic and still adored by every generation.  No matter how old you are, you know the words to this song. 
  5. Taylor Swift's - "Love Story" was released in 2008 but still is being built as one of the best love songs of all time.  
  6. Lionel Richie’s“Endless Love” was sung with one of the most talented and adored singers of her time, Dianna Ross. This song still brings tears to people’s eyes when they hear the original version.
  7. Tim McGraw“It’s your love” is one of the most romantic country and western songs written and those that love country love Tim McGraw.
  8. Beyonce’s“Crazy in love” is not a typical slow dancing love song but the lyrics are clearly written to be directed at someone that you love and anything Beyonce sings is an instant hit.
  9. Adele’s“Make you feel my love” is a beautiful song that showcases her amazing voice and lyric writing abilities. Adele is known for writing amazing love songs.
  10. Captain and Tennille’s“Love will Keep us Together” is such a popular song that it has been used in movies, and TV commercials since its release in 1975.

It does not matter what song that you and your partner listen to that brings the romance into your relationship as love is ultimately what is most important but having a few songs that remind you of your partner and your love for each other can remind you during stressful times in your life that you have a soul mate. 

This Valentines Day try writing the lyrics to your song on a handwritten note and see how romantic your evening can become. If you want more ideas on how to have a romantic loving relationship keep coming back to our blog on Holistic Bear


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