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Love is an emotional need that we crave to survive. Getting fulfilled through love is essential with parental relationships, relatives, friends, and our partner. In the past, most people met their soul mate through friends, work, or school. Online Dating is the favorite way to find love.

The creation of internet dating sites and applications, the way people are finding their new love has become less traditional.

Online dating is very popular, especially with the younger generation. Anyone can set up a profile on an online dating site and instantly connect to people who match their profile and begin a conversation online with that person.

Pew Research Center did a study and found that the majority of Americans believe that online dating is a great way to meet people and the same survey showed that many adults have already tried one or more of the popular dating sites.

The younger generation has turned to applications on their mobile devices like Bumble or Tinder to find that special person.
Bumble Dating Application
These apps will match you not only by your profile but also by your location, so the user can find potential dates within their geographic area that meet the criteria they set up in their profile.
Tinder Dating Application
Using these type of apps has tripled since 2013 so most people between the ages of 18-25 are looking for love online.

The way we find love may have changed with the invention of the internet but the need for love will never change. It is a fundamental necessity, and most will try anything to make sure they can have a lasting, loving relationship.

Whether you look online or meet people through more traditional means, the most critical thing is ultimately walking away from the dating scene with a soul mate.

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