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Everyone who gets engaged, does so desiring a lifelong partner who they want to grow old with.  They dream of a loving relationship with this particular person.  So why is the divorce rate so high?  Although these are the couples desires, lack of preparation for the Marriage during the engagement can cause issues that ultimately end the relationship.  What are the most important issues to resolve before marriage?

All relationships built around "Trust" are successful.  Most would say love is the most important word in a marriage relationship but without trust then you will fail.  Most marriages end due to infidelity.  Infidelity in a marriage relationship is caused by many factors most of which have nothing to do with the sexual aspect.  Most people stray from their marriage because they do not feel as if they are a priority to their partner or the communication in the marriage has ended.  Discussing the importance of  communication,  things that make you feel inadequate,  and your expectations of your partner, prior to marriage can be the catalyst that can stop an affair from happening after the wedding.

Money is not necessarily the root of all evil but the love of money can cause problems in any type of relationship.  This is why money is a big discussion before marriage.  Engaged couples need to discuss their dreams for their life together such as what type of home the desire in the future, how they will abolish any debt they are bringing into the relationship and how most importantly how they will save to fulfill their dreams.  Being financially stable will take away a huge amount of stress from the relationship so this discussion needs to take place and a plan set in motion prior to the wedding day.

The final discussion that has to take place before the wedding is that of children.  Do you both agree on having children and if so how many?  Children are a beautiful blessing and add joy to your life but if you are a person who does not want children then it is very important to communicate that to your partner.  Both partners need clarity on if children are or are not in their future plans.  Couples may have this discussion, then get married and change their minds, which is perfectly normal but setting realistic expectations and goals is vital to the success of a marriage. 

The wedding day is magical and is the most memorable day of your life.  Just make sure that planning the marriage is also a priority.  


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    Right we should discuss some issues before marriage for a healthyy relationship.

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