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Monogamous relationships are when two people decide that they are exclusive partners to each other, will not date others, and will only be intimate with one another.  This can be a marriage or dating relationship, but it means that you are making a verbal agreement to each other that the other person is your soulmate and you have no interest in pursuing other relationships.  Although you have committed to each other there are other steps that must take place to make sure the relationship lasts.  Here are 3 tips to keeping your love alive in a monogamous relationship. 

  1. Continue to Date – As your relationships grows and time passes it is sometimes easy to become complacent and forget that the courting process is what created this relationship.  It is very important to always make sure you set time aside for each other to talk and continue to nurture the relationship that has developed between the two of you. 
  2. Communicate – Most relationships start to fall apart because of lack of communication.  Disagreements are going to come up and it is the way that you handle these disagreements that will make or break a relationship.  Fair fighting is always important.  Remember not to personally attack your partner when you are communicating a problem that you see in your relationship.  Just let them know how what they are doing makes you feel and how you think they can make you feel better.  If both parties agree to open dialogue, then the relationship will be successful. 
  3. Remind your Partner that they are Most Important – It is so easy to get into a routine of assuming your partner knows how important they are to you and not actually voicing it or showing it.  The purchase of flowers or a small token that shows you were thinking of them that day does a lot in creating intimacy that you both desire both spiritually and physically.  Write a love note and put it in their car before they leave for work or simply text them throughout the day telling your partner that you are thinking about them. 

Monogamous relationships are as old as time and can make for a beautiful life in this crazy world.  Knowing that you have one person that completely understands and loves you unconditionally is what we all crave.  Just make sure that once you find that person, you take the steps to keep that love alive. 


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