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Make your Valentine's Day One to Remember with Holistic Bear.

February is approaching and this is the time of the year that those that are in a loving relationship prepare to shower their partners with flowers, chocolates, lovers rose teddy bears,  couples relationship bracelets, and the perfect evening out. 

This particular day has been the day that every argument that has taken place over time is no longer relevant and it is time to get dressed up in your finest outfits and you can show your partner the romantic side of yourself.  

Let's discuss how to make this Valentine's Day one to remember.

  1. Pick the finest restaurant and make reservations early.

Valentine's Day is known in the restaurant industry as the busiest day of the year because everyone wants to bring the person they love out for a romantic night at their favorite restaurant.  

Because of the sheer amount of people who will be going out on this evening, make sure that you make your make your reservations well in advance so you avoid the stresses of having to have dinner at a restaurant that was not you and your dates first choice. 

  1. Deliver flowers or Crown Lover Bracelets to your partner's place of employment.

Everyone loves to receive deliveries at their job.  It makes them feel as if you took the time out to order a special delivery but it also gives them the opportunity to display the love you have for them in front of their co-workers. 

This will begin the romantic part of the evening as they will be anxiously awaiting to come home because they have been able to spend the entire day admiring something that you sent to them at work.

  1. Create a handwritten card.

With the fast-paced society we live in and with the fact that people spend so much time on a smartphone texting and sending images to their partner every day, the impact of a beautifully created handwritten card falls out of the minds of most.  

You can buy a card and write in it but make sure the handwritten part of the card is from your heart and lets them know exactly how you feel about them.  Tell them about specific actions they have taken recently that made you feel special. 

 This will make the person you love feel special and have them take notice of what actions they can take to make you happy in the future. 

  1. After dinner go to a quiet place within your city.

Cities across the country have romantic spots where you can take a date and sit and talk about how important each of you is to each other.  

Pick a romantic landmark or an area that is close to a body of water. Some place quiet with beautiful scenery.  This could also be a place that you and your date has experienced verbal intimacy in the past, like a park, the zoo, or even a high school football field. 

  1. Close off all distractions and focus only on your date.

This is probably the most important part of making your Valentine's Day one to remember.  Today's world makes us feel as if it is necessary to communicate on our cell phones no matter the occasion.  

This Valentine's Day make a pact with your date that cell phones will be put on vibrate and not utilized during your special evening.

This is sometimes a difficult task if you have children and they are staying at home with the babysitter but try your hardest to disengage with technology devices while you are on this date.  

This will cause you both to have to spend this one night a year engaging in conversations that remind you of why you are in love.   

As Valentine's Day approaches make sure you are doing your part to make sure that the one you love has a special and memorable day. 

Prepare early, be intentional during the date, and put in writing how much love you feel for this particular person. Have the memory of this day carry you through the tough days throughout the year. 


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