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Love Is Not Enough

The title may seem negative in nature but it is factual in relationships.  Of course the word LOVE is essential in having a long-term, and fulfilling relationship.  It is the foundation on which everything grows with the relationship but love alone cannot keep a couple together.  In order to keep your soul mate for decades you must start with love but love is not enough.  Make sure to also work on trust, faith, and yourself.

We have discussed trust and the importance in previous blogs but again we will restate that without trust, a relationship will fail badly.  Partners have to protect each other by not engaging in activities that could question the trust factor in their relationship.  Once the trust is questioned then love will not keep you together.  Start by being open and honest about people you speak to that you think might make your partner uncomfortable.  Do not engage in online activity that could be seen as flirtatious, keep your communication with people in the workplace professional and never discuss problems you have with your partner with others that might not support your relationship. 

It is very important for couples to have faith.  We are not necessarily talking about religious faith, but faith in each other.  Couple need to know that their partner is always doing what is best for their relationship.  You put faith in your partner that they will make the best decisions for you both.  This alone will decrease many arguments that will come up in a relationship.

Finally, it is easy when you fall in love to constantly want to be together.  This is great during the first few months of dating but it is very important to a relationship for both parties to find time to work on themselves.  This could be as simple as going to the gym alone for an hour a day.  Studies have proven that quality time out with your friends without your partner will increase your attraction to each other and actually make your relationship stronger.  It is very important that couples do not lose their personal identity. 

Relationships take time, energy, effort, love, trust, and faith.  It is very important that these verbs are worked on daily.  It is easy to get lost in the LOVE but again love is not enough to keep a long-term relationship.


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