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Effective Communication In Relationships

Modern relationships are suffering from miscommunication leading them to end prematurely. Nowadays, most people avoid dealing with uncomfortable discussions and hide behind texting, emails, and voicemails. For a relationship to withstand hurdles, both partners have to address their issues without holding back or fear of judgment.

A lot of people talk about the importance of communication in relationships, and it might sound cliché by now. Relationships don't work if communication is lacking. When we don't express ourselves respectfully and effectively, we become resentful, disengaged, or hurtful towards your partner. So how can we communicate effectively?

Be gentle

During your discussions, watch your tone. Your significant other will automatically become defensive if you use harsh tones and they feel attacked. Heated arguments, anger, screaming and yelling won't solve the problem. If you feel agitated, find some time after you both have cooled down. Discuss the matters at hand to solve the problem, not winning the argument.


Be comfortable enough to tell your partner the truth about how you feel. Yes, it's common sometimes to pretend that things are okay, but deep down, they are not. If something upsets you, whether it's their behavior, attitude or something else, please speak up. Bottling up those feelings will end up exploding and the results might not be good.

Avoid discussing important things via text

As discussed earlier, texting has taken over the ways of modern communication, but when you have a serious matter to explain; it’s not a good idea. Messages can have different meanings. Find a way to communicate face to face or via a phone call. Your partner will feel more appreciated and you will seem to make an effort in the relationship.

Find common ground

Of course, you will not see eye to eye with your partner on most things. But it’s essential for the sake of peace to try and understand their side of the matter. Sometimes you can compromise on a few things and they will do the same to meet you half way. You can also choose to buy a gift such as a couple's necklace or a beaded bracelet to show them how you feel and ease the tension.

Conflict doesn’t mean a breakup

There is no perfect relationship without disagreements. Which means, arguing does not mean you are breaking up, but it’s normal. Don’t take it the wrong way not unless that’s what you both want. Siblings, neighbors, co-workers, parents and everybody else disagrees from time to time, but it doesn’t mean anything more than a disagreement. It’s human nature and everyone is entitled to their opinions. Take it as a good thing and learn from the situation as it will help you to understand your partner better.

In conclusion

If you want your relationship to work, prioritize on working on your communications with your partner and work towards building each other. Learn to speak up and consider each other’s feelings. For more relationship advice, check out our blog


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