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If you’re keen enough, I’m sure you have spotted a couple with matching outfits down the street. Even better, maybe you have tried matching outfits with your better half. It sure does look adorable, though some people frown at the idea.

Traditionally, people used to only wear matching outfits when taking family photos, on Christmas and Halloween. Those days were hilarious and annoying when you’re forced to look like the ginger man. The worst part is that the picture will be hanged for the rest of the next year.

We have all seen numerous posts with hashtag couple goals all over the internet. The good thing is the trend is not only limited to couples, but family and friends also wear matching outfits. In case you are wondering, here are a few reasons why people are wearing matching clothes.

1) To celebrate their love

When you are in love, all you want to do is show the world how lucky you are. Public display of affection comes automatically and it is an incredible feeling. Your partner will feel more appreciated if you surprise them with couples shirts with thoughtful words to show the world you care about them. You might catch a few envious stares when you rock them in the streets but it doesn’t matter. What better way to share your love with the world than to step out in matching outfits? It’s a decent way to appreciate your partner and show them that they are special.

2) To make a statement

It’s a sign that the two of you are together. When people see you two wearing matching outfits, it’s obvious there is something magical going on. You actually get to avoid the awkward question of who is your friend, unless you are matching with your family or friends.

3) To stand out

This especially works well when attending an event or going on a vacation. People in attendance can spot you two in the crowd and can tell you are together. It can also be a good way to keep tabs on each other’s where about, just in case one of you gets lost on your vacation. Or you are going on a second date and you need to be spotted quickly.

4) To bond

Coordinating outfits can be tedious and fun at the same time. You can bond over trying out different outfits and make decisions together. In turn, your relationship becomes stronger. Matching clothes is a representation of a strong bond and peaceful correlation between the two of you. It can also be a good way to help your lady get dressed quicker since she won’t have to try out the whole wardrobe while you wait.

5) It’s a sign of unity

Of course, for both of you to wear the same attire, you have to agree upon it and even shop together. So every time both of you twin out there, you show a united front. It also shows you belong somewhere. A united couple will definitely stick together no matter what.

In conclusion, twining is one way to show someone you love and appreciate the other person. Which is okay, but if uniformity isn’t exactly your type of thing, worry not it’s not a must. Just hope that you don’t date a person who wants to. That will be a real struggle. To find cute couples personalized accessories, check out our website.


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