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A proposal isn’t something to take lightly. A marriage proposal is a commitment between two people who are deeply, passionately in love. Hence, planning for it can be a nerve wrecking ordeal.

If all those jitters are making it hard to decide on how to propose, we've got your back. Remember that the best proposal ideas are those that truly capture the couple's relationship. Consider some creative marriage proposal ideas that are sure to make a big impression.

1) Trail of Flowers

Create a path to the engagement ring. For example, scatter petals from the front door to the bedroom and use more petals to spell out "Will you marry me?" Alternatively, you could use candles to trace a path, but be careful and don't burn the house down.

2) Sweet Notes for Your Sweetheart

Place sweet notes in different spots around the house. In each spot, write something that you love about your sweetheart and where to find the next note. In the last note say "For all these reasons and more, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?"

3) Make it a group event

If your spouse-to-be isn't shy about public displays of affection and in fact relishes it, consider a flash mob. You'll certainly get your sweetheart's attention and focused on the question you're about to ask. Get the dancers to sing "Glee” style is even better.

4) Hit the beach

Proposing by the ocean may seem a bit clichéd, but it isn't if you know how to make it unique. When you are ready to say "I do," take your bride-to-be for a stroll along the beach where a sand sculpture proposal will be waiting, complete with roses and champagne.

5) Make a book or photo album to propose to with

Take photos and keepsakes from your relationship and make a photo album or story book out of it. Make sure to include feelings you had with each memory and a note on the last page that says, “Will you marry me?” A bonus idea would be to add an additional page to the story book with photos and emotions from the marriage proposal (after they say yes, of course!).

6) Candle lit dinner

This is a classic but one of great ways to propose your dream girl. Candles are one of the quintessential elements of a romantic evening. The dim light of the candles burning flames and the romantic tunes sets one of the perfect settings for a romantic proposal.

7) Place where you first met

Take her to the place where you met each other for the first time. Recreate the same moment and then propose to her. It will definitely move her and get embossed on her memory for lifetime. It’s one of the romantic ways to propose a girl.

8) T-shirt proposal

Get a t-shirt with the text “will you marry me” or “Do You Love Me” and wear a jacket over it. Take her to a nearby park or a place you usually meet up and get down on your knees and reveal your special tee to her.

9) Written in the Air

Skywriting is wonderful way to propose. You can have an intimate and private marriage proposal while still proclaiming your love to the world. Another alternative: get a plane to fly a banner with "Will you marry me, ___?" over your town.


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