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Fashion trends keep changing every season. Designs and fresher looks are introduced and everyone goes crazy. But if you are keen enough, am sure you’ve noticed it’s the old styles that are being modified. Trends like crop tops, denim and wide legged pants were there in the 80’s and are still hot today.

Ladies we are guiltier of impulse buying than men. That’s a known fact! Even real estates’ have acknowledged this by building us bigger closets. Awesome!

Every awesome lady out there has their own sense of style. Whether you consider yourself a fashionista or just descent, your style defines you, why not stand out while you are at it!

It is essential to first be aware of your body shape. I’m not talking about your size, but understanding what will work on your body type. Then have a style and dress up accordingly.

I know you’re wondering how you can look chic effortlessly. Worry not; I’m here to help you out.

1) Chic printed Tee

This is the kind of t-shirt that can be paired up with almost anything. You can have yours customized matching with your boyfriend, girlfriends or siblings. You can wear it on a casual day with jeans, or under a chic blazer with pencil skirt for office look, or scarf it up with a maxi skirt when having brunch with the girls.

2) Comfortable Shoes

I love to shop for shoes. But having lots of shoes is not enough to have a hot complete look. Make sure you shop for shoes that are comfortable. See, you'll be on your feet all day, whether in the office, out shopping or running errands. You definitely need good shoes that are cute and comfortable.

3) Fitting Blazer

You need at least one perfectly fitting blazer. Whether you go for a shrunken or oversize one, it's definitely a hit right now. Simply make sure it hits your arm right at the wrist. Go for a simple, classic piece with feminine cuts.

4) Jewelry And Accessories

I love dramatic jewelry. They are bold statements and I believe they express my personality without even having to say a word. Personalized statement necklace or stud earrings add spice and good theatrics to an outfit. The best thing about owning such statements (real or fake) they will transform your normal look into a classy look.

5) Bags And Purses

Oh yes. Every woman should own a bag, Big or small. You need to carry your lipstick, phone, keys and other personal items. Why not carry a fancy bag to add flair to your outfit? Choose a more neutral color to go with most of your outfits.

6) Leather Jacket

Trust me when I say leather jacket is the ultimate cool. This is the one buy that you will never regret. Plus it will make you look like a real badass.

7) Denim Shirt

Denim shirts are a must have. They will be around for a really long time. It’s a look that will give you the ultimate youthful look. Try wearing it with rolled up sleeves and canvas shoes.

8) Eye Wear

There is a wide variety to choose from. But cat eye sunglasses are hottest right now. Wear them during the day, to the club or wherever you feel like. You'll look like a celebrity, hey!

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