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Healthy relationships don’t just happen. You both work towards making it work and that takes effort. No relationship is smooth but there are a few things to avoid doing that could hurt your relationship. Here are a few unacceptable things that you should never do in a healthy relationship.

1. Telling your friends about your relationship issues instead of talking to your partner first.

There is no perfect relationship. There will be trying times and things might be going south. Remember that when things go back to normal you’ll forgive them but your friends and family will not forget. Simply don’t air dirty laundry to the public. Protect your partner's feelings and think of how the gossip would ruin your relationship if they ever hear about it.

2. Comparing them to your Ex or other people.

No one likes their weaknesses being rubbed on their faces. Yes, it may be a harmless way to make them change or so according to you, but they won’t take it lightly. Be sensitive about how you talk to your person and avoid comparing them to others. People can never be the same, and no one is perfect including you.

3. Don’t disrespect them.

Disrespect is a cruel way to break someone’s esteem.  Be respectful to your partner and they will treat you the same way. Respect is earned not commanded. Plus you are dating a person with feelings and if you keep disrespecting them, you’ll be dropped with no goodbyes.

4. Don’t have false expectations

When getting into a relationship, it’s normal to have expectations. But some of them are unrealistic and you should drop them. Remember they are also expecting something else from you and you might also not be able to meet them. Discuss the things you expect from them and agree if it’s doable or you need to date a robot instead.

5. Take your partner for granted

Sometimes things go unnoticed. For instance, your partner got you customized hoodies or couples bracelets, then instead of appreciating; you’re busy looking for flaws. It’s unfair since they try to make you happy and you are being difficult. Taking them for granted and expect them to be always there when you need them is selfish.

6. Avoid being controlling or possessive

Before meeting your partner, they had a life and they have an independent mind. Being with someone should not mean that they should do everything you say or wish. Let them live and grow individually to for the sake of their happiness and self-fulfillment.

7. Don’t  be jealous for no reason

It’s normal to feel jealous from time to time in a relationship. The problem would be if you take it too far. You should understand that your partner is human and is going to interact with other people including the opposite gender. Not unless there is a tangible reason for being jealous, you should be able to trust them. Jealousy comes from hidden insecurities and you should deal with it before you lose your person.


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