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Falling in love is wonderful, but how long does the romance last? The early stages of courtship can feel exciting, lovely, and effortless. But trying to retain the swept-away feeling of romance involves enduring effort and compromise by both partners. So what is the secret to keep the romance alive?

Effective Communication

Communication is an important element in a relationship. If you are hesitating to open up and talk about things to your partner then you don't have a good relationship with your partner. Without proper communication many of us try to hold a feeling of resentment. Couples need to be comfortable to talk over both easy and challenging issues.


When an individual is single, it is easy for them to go about their daily routine without hesitation. However, in a relationship, it suddenly becomes necessary to think and be considerate of someone else as well. Compromise might be necessary in order to determine what activity to do for the evening, where to spend a vacation, when to meet the family, which tasks should be done by whom, etc.

Spend quality time together

Too often relationships get bogged down by the stresses of everyday life. In order to make the most of each day, it is important to actually enjoy one another’s company. Have fun together. Make time to laugh with one another, go on adventures, and surprise your partner. Doing so will encourage both individuals to be happy and less stressed. There is no better person to have a fun evening with than your significant other.


When you are running short of words or feeling twitchy to express how you feel about your partner, go an extra mile to show your compliment with a gift such as gift bundles or personalized accessories. Nothing sounds better than getting a gift that says I'm thinking about you.

Maintain other relationships

While a new relationship is both exhilarating and consuming, it is important to ensure that time is still allotted for friends and family. This gives the couple chance to miss one another every now and then. It also ensures that other loved ones do not suddenly feel distant. Maintaining these close ties is essential for both partners. In any romantic relationship, both people need to be able to make time to spend with others. This helps preserve a sense of individuality.


If you are committed in a relationship and paying attention to what your partner feels then you should never hide anything from them. If you are looking for a good relationship with your partner, then learn to be truthful with each other whether it is a niggling irritation, envious female co-worker or having a strong attraction towards your boss.

Never Hold Grudges

When someone you love hurts you, learn to forgive than holding grudges. Lovers who don't try to make up can fall apart. Forgiveness is one of the greatest qualities of love and without it a relationship can fall to pieces.


Respect Each Other’s Privacy

Just because you are looking for a good relationship, it doesn't mean you have to suffocate or intimidate each other by invading their privacy. It is not necessary to always be together and a good relationship requires and thrives on space.

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