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Every relationship has its ups and downs. People disagree all the time and that is normal. With different backgrounds, beliefs, cultures, religion, upbringing and other factors, disagreements are inevitable. But that doesn’t mean that your relationship is over because you argued about a painting or laundry.

There are times you will offend your better half unintentionally or otherwise. It’s okay to admit your mistakes and rectify them. Nobody is perfect and rubbing shoulders is part of the package. But rectifying it immediately will go a long way in the long run. That being said, an apology should be sincere and straight to the point.  Here are other ways you can show remorse and hopefully all will be forgiven.

  1. Acknowledge the mistake

Taking responsibility for what you have done is the first step. This way you show that you understand that your deeds did hurt the other person's feelings. Make it clear on what you are apologizing about and state that it was never your intention to hurt them. If there is a need to explain why you did it, then go ahead. Just don’t start being defensive or try and get sympathy.

  1. Don’t shift the blame

It’s a mistake blaming others for your own doings. It makes the situation worse than it already is. The other person will feel more offended and you will continue fighting over something that can be resolved easily. Yes, it’s easier said than done but it will both save you from unnecessary headache.

  1. Ask for forgiveness

After you have acknowledged what you did was wrong. Ask for forgiveness. This is a step that most people find it hard to do. A simple “I am sorry” can rectify the damage. Sometimes we take such small things for granted but regret later. It will cost you nothing to ask for forgiveness. Swallow your pride and save your relationship. You can go the extra mile and buy them a gift. For instance, a rose bear or engraved necklace but it should never be meant as a bribe

  1. Be sincere

Nobody wants to hear an apology that is not from the heart. It makes you feel humiliated and unappreciated. That can easily break the trust in your relationship. Handling such situations can be tricky but if handled well, things will get back to normal. But when you only apologize for the sake of saying it they may never trust you ever again. Put yourself in their position and say to them what you would want to hear.

  1. Changed behavior

The only way to show how sincere you really are is by changed behavior. Make sure you try and avoid repeating the same mistakes by all means. You can’t be repeating the same things and hope that all will be forgiven when you apologize. You should realize, it hurts and overtime, you might lose a good person due to the things you do and for taking for granted.

In conclusion, relationships are complicated. But it doesn’t have to be all bad. Whenever you realize you are on the wrong, apologize immediately and make up for it. In case you need to purchase a sorry faux bear or any gift that can show your remorse, visit our website https://holisticbear.com/


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