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Being in a relationship is wonderful, especially on the earlier days of dating. Everything flows smoothly and the chemistry is out of this world. At that point, nothing can go wrong. Unfortunately, with time the spark fades and sometimes you both struggle to keep it alive.

The only way both of you can make it work is only by putting in the effort to make it work. It is easier said than done, but two people start drifting apart due to minor issues that mount to bigger ones. No one really wants to lose the person they hold dear especially due ego and pride.

Of course, you can save your relationship before it’s too late or just prevents it from going down the drains altogether. Here are a few ways to stay happy in a relationship:

  1. Express yourself: For any relationship to work. Both of you need to communicate about your expectations and dislikes. You can not automatically assume the other person can read your mind. Plus be mindful of the other person’s emotion. The way you express yourself will determine how the conversation goes. If you both constantly address the issues openly and solve amicably, you can both enjoy a happy and harmonious relationship.
  2. Mutual respect: When respect goes both ways, romance is guaranteed. It is vital if you understand that you both have different opinions and way of doing things. Don’t be judgmental or disrespectful especially when you are upset or mad at your partner. Treat each other well and respect each other’s boundaries.
  3. Be kind: Yes, it may seem obvious but it’s not always the case. Be kind to your special person. This means you have to be careful with your words and avoid mean remarks, especially on their insecurities. Relationships should be a safe haven. There is no way you get to be unappreciated by the world and your partner too. Kindness is a simple gesture but it does mean a lot.
  4. Focus on the positives: Sometimes it is hard to see anything good about your partner especially during disagreements. It’s very easy to constantly dwell on the negatives and this is the number one reason for breakups. Instead, remind yourself what attracted you to them and what you like most about them. Do nice things for them and make new sweet memories. You can also get little gifts like for instance crown lover bracelets. It will make them feel wanted.
  5. Make him/her your priority: There are many distractions out there. Between careers, kids, hobbies, family and that hottie who moved into the building, your partner should always come first. If you keep making them the last option, that is being unfair and selfish. Try and include them in your routine. Check in with them before making major decisions. He/she will feel appreciated and in return, those meaningless arguments will end.

In general, in order for a relationship to work, both parties need to make it work. Remember, that is the person you chose and fell in love with. Always take some time to make them feel special. In addition, you have to keep choosing each other.

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