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Long distance relationships are one of the most googled topics out there. Most people believe that they simply don’t work. Your friends and family will discourage you from it, but the heart wants what it wants, right?

It’s a tricky situation considering that being miles apart can cause a serious rift in the relationship. The following are a few tips to help you navigate the situation and stay happy in your relationship.

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1) Be committed to the relationship

The number recipe for long distance relationship is effort. There will be temptations and long lonely nights, but that should not be a reason to start looking for someone else. Imagine how it would feel if the other person is just wasting your time with false hope, while you are busy waiting for them they are busy with other people. It would hurt right? So yea, be committed and trustworthy for the sake of the relationship.

2) Communicate regularly

Talk to your partner regularly. By that, I don’t mean you call or text them every minute or hour. Update them of your daily activities in detail to make them feel like they are a part of your life. It might seem minor to you but they will appreciate the details. Talk to each other about the good and the bad. It will make your bond stronger and when you meet it won’t feel like you’re strangers. It would be like they have been there all along.

3) Do fun things together even when you are apart

Even though you are miles away from each other doesn’t mean you can’t do things together. You can merge your routines and maybe watch a movie together or cook at the same time. You can both agree on the time that you can do this. Make a phone call and do it together. You can also Skype or talk while doing it to make it feel like they are there with you. Read to each other your interesting books or whatever fascinates you. This will create good memories and it’s really important for the relationship.

4) Visit each other

Clear a weekend or take your off days to spend time with each other physically. Dating blindly without any plans of seeing each other is frustrating as you don’t know what to look forward to. Make plans and make sure you do fun things when together. Avoid doing boring things but create more memories to carry with you when they are away

5) Give each gifts to remember you by

Souvenirs’ and gifts make people feel special and appreciated. When you are away from your partner, it’s the small or big things that will remind them of you. Whether it’s the Couples watches you gifted them, engraved necklace or your couple picture on a frame, it will definitely warm their heart whenever they see it. It’s a cool way to leave a piece of you behind.

Relationships, in general, take work and effort. Both long and short distance relationships are not easy. Whichever way, it doesn’t mean that it’s not possible. Discuss with your partner what will make your relationship successful and be committed to it.

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